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Self-Leadership Webinar

Self Leadership is crucial in today’s business environment. For leaders at all levels to be efficient and result oriented, they first need to understand what it takes to lead self , before leading others.

This free Self-Leadership provides strategies for you to gain more satisfaction from work by examining your motivation, confidence, knowledge, and skills.

What participants will learn:

  • Self-leadership —learn the world’s most popular leadership model, taught from the perspective of the self- leader rather than the manager
  • Assumed constraints—learn to recognize those perceived barriers that can be transcended or avoided
  • Points of power—learn the five sources of power at work and how each can be activated to help achieve goals and experience greater autonomy and competence
  • Proactive conversations—learn how to seek the direction and support they need; learn how to proactively conduct one on one conversations with their manager, in which they prepare the agenda

Who can attend?

This program is ideal for CEO’s, Heads of HR and Training or appointed delegates

Book your spot:

This event is free and strictly by invitation. You can book a spot and we will send you an invitation once a slot becomes available. Fill the attached form with your contact details and we will be in touch